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About Us.

Hello friends, welcome to our blog Hindi Techniques, friends, we have a group which is online expert and on this blog we tell the solution to the problems faced while doing online jobs, admission forms and various government schemes online.

Apart from this, our viewers are directly connected with us and if they have any problem, they tell us through comments. Our entire group is expert in online applications and various online works, its owner’s name is Mashoor Ali Khan, who lives in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh India.

He has been doing online marketing work for the last 15 years, that is why he thought of making this website and at this time this website is very famous. All the information related to online form filling is given on this blog.

Apart from this, we have only one YouTube channel named Hindi Techniques, on that also we give similar information, you can watch it by visiting our YouTube channel.

Office Address.

4/805, Hamdard Nagar D, Jamalpur Aligarh,

Uttar Pradesh, India 202001.

Office Address on map.

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Our Team.

We do not work alone on our website and our YouTube channel, we have a whole team that looks after our entire work, to improve the quality of our work, we check it badly, for this we have hired some different people and that’s it. The reason is that the quality of our content is very good, we have given below the people who work in our team.

No Name Age Designation Experience
1 Mashkoor Ali Khan 35 Owner 15 years
2 Roshni Nagar 40 Manager 10 years
3 Asif Khan 32 Web Designer 8 years
4 Ibraheem Malik 22 Web Designer 5 years

Thanks for knowing about us.