Nda fireman syllabus

download Nda fireman syllabus

Hello friends, welcome to our blog Hindi Techniques, friends, today we have brought a very big information for you, today we have released a lot of vacancies from the National Defense Academy. Today we are going to tell you about these vacancies. And we are also going to tell about the syllabus of all these vacancies, we are going to talk about your fireman syllabus. So till then stay with our article.

Nda fireman syllabus

Friends, today you will get information about the full syllabus of National Defense Academy Fireman.

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Nda fireman syllabus pdf download

Friends, whenever you apply for a job in National Defense Academy, syllabus is required to pass the exam for that job. Today in this article, we are going to tell you about the National Defense Academy Fireman Syllabus. You will get complete information about Fireman Syllabus in this article of ours, you can get complete information from here.

And you can prepare well for your National Defense Academy Fireman Exam, whatever syllabus we tell you, we extract all the syllabus from the best book. You must know that you need many syllabus to prepare for the exam. Similarly, you need the syllabus to prepare for the National Defense Academy Fireman job. Friends, we hope that this information of ours must have reached you.

Friends, many people think that who is a fireman and what is his job. Let us tell you that a fireman is a fire extinguisher. If there is a fire anywhere, everyone calls the fireman to extinguish the fire. And the whole problem is told that there is a fire, similarly in the National Defense Academy also the job of a fireman has been released.

And the total job of fireman is 10 posts. In the National Defense Academy, the job of a fireman is to extinguish fire. And these people live with the commandos of nda.

download Nda fireman syllabus
Download Nda fireman syllabus

So that if there is a fire anywhere, then extinguish the fire, that’s why jobs are also taken out for firemen in nda. Firemen also get good salary in National Defense Academy, we will tell you about salary below, friends, we hope that this information must have reached you.

To apply for NDA Fireman vacancy, we apply with whatever documents we need, but when the exam is held, we need good books to prepare for it. Below we have given some of the best books for NDA Fireman Vacancy. can go down and see…

Best books for Nda fireman.

Nda fireman salary

Friends, in the National Defense Academy, the fireman gets a good salary. There are two types of salary in this, which you get in every 2 ways and you get both types of salary every month. First of all you would have some joining answers. So you will get only 19,900 salary every month in that when you will be 2 years, 3 years or 5 years old.

While working there, your same salary becomes ₹ 63200 at the last time, so in this way you get this salary, out of which your minimum salary is 19,900 and your maximum salary is 63,200 rupees, this is your salary of both levels. We have told you that this was your National Defense Academy fireman salary, friends, we hope that our information has reached you.

Nda fireman eligibility.

Friends, when you apply for National Defense Academy Fireman, then you have some eligibility there, which you should have that eligibility, only then you can apply for the job of National Defense Academy Fireman. Only the people of National Defense Academy keep this eligibility of yours and they tell you the same. What do you have to put in it.

Suppose in a way that how much you have studied and till where you have studied. You have to tell all this, everyone’s mark sheet etc. has to be attached. So today we are going to tell you about National Defense Academy Fireman Eligibility, you will get all these information below.

Nda fireman eligibility.

Given below are some of the eligibility criteria that NDA has sought to apply for the Fireman vacancy. If someone does not have this eligibility, he cannot apply in it.

  • High school with heavy vehicle driving.
  • Licence and 6 month certificate.
  • Maintenance of first aid fire fighting.
  • Appliance and tailor fire pump.
  • Age limit 18 – 27 years old

Nda fireman syllabus
Nda fireman syllabus
Nda fireman syllabus
Nda fireman syllabus

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