yamuna water level in delhi today

Yamuna water level in Delhi today: Latest update 22 July

Date: 19 September, 2023

Delhi, India – The capital city of Delhi is currently grappling with a severe flooding crisis as the water level of the Yamuna River reached an unprecedented high, surpassing all previous records. Several areas, including the Yamuna floodplains, Civil Lines, and Kashmere Gate, are submerged under water, causing widespread disruption and distress among residents. But people want to know the Yamuna water level in Delhi today.

Yamuna water level in Delhi today

Due to incessant rains for the last 3 days, the water of the Yamuna river in Delhi is in spate. If we talk about its water level, today on July 22, 2023, the water level of Yamuna river has broken the record of the last several years. Below we have told what is the water level of Yamuna river today.

Let us tell you that the Delhi government has also warned about the water level of the Yamuna river and the areas around the Yamuna river are also being evacuated. It has come to such an extent that now water has started entering the populated areas of Delhi. Which people are very upset due to the inconvenience

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Following heavy rainfall from 10 July to 12 July 2023, and the release of water from the Hathnikund Barrage, the water level of the Yamuna River rose rapidly over the past few days(BY GOOGLE). Yesterday, it surged past the danger mark of 205.33 meters, breaching expectations and sounding alarm bells for authorities. Today, the situation worsened as the water level climbed to a staggering 207.65 meters at the Old Delhi Railway Bridge, surpassing the previous record of 207.49 meters set 45 years ago.

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Yamuna water level in Delhi today 14 July
Yamuna water level in Delhi today 22 July

The unprecedented flooding has led to extensive water-logging and submergence of roads, triggering massive traffic jams and delays across the city. In response to the crisis, the Delhi government has taken immediate measures to ensure the safety of its residents. All schools, colleges, and universities have been ordered to remain closed until Sunday, providing relief to students and staff. Additionally, non-essential government offices have been instructed to adopt work-from-home protocols.

Yamuna water level in Delhi today

The gravity of the situation prompted Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to write a letter urgently requesting the Central Water Commission to take immediate steps to mitigate the crisis. The government has been working tirelessly to evacuate people residing in low-lying areas, relocating 16,564 individuals to safer locations. Currently, 16,534 people are being accommodated in tents and shelters throughout the city.

Yamuna water level in Delhi live…

Commuters have been severely affected by the flood, as railway and traffic movement on the Old Delhi Railway Bridge has been suspended due to the overflowing river. The Delhi police has imposed Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) in flood-prone areas as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and security of the residents.

To monitor the Yamuna water level online, citizens can access real-time information on the flood alert portal of the Central Water Commission. The measurements are obtained from the Old Delhi Railway Bridge, providing crucial updates to the public and authorities.

The situation in Delhi remains critical, and efforts are underway to manage the ongoing crisis. The government is working diligently to provide necessary aid and support to affected individuals while urging caution and vigilance among the populace.

As the Yamuna River continues to swell, it is essential for residents to prioritize their safety, adhere to official instructions, and stay updated on the evolving situation through reliable sources of information.

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