Calculate KEAM Score Out Of 600

How to Calculate KEAM Score Out Of 600

KEAM exam is counted in the major examinations of Kerala. But when the result of KEAM comes, then a problem that everyone has to face is “How to Calculate KEAM Score Out Of 600“, then friends tell you that many processes are used to calculate their result score. | Today, in this article, we will tell you in detail how you can calculate KEAM Score out of 600. So friends, let’s start the article.

How to Calculate KEAM Score Out Of 600?

Before starting the article, let us tell you that in the previous article of our blog Hindi Techniques, we told you how to find PSEB 10th class roll number online. Similarly, in this article, we will tell you that How to Calculate KEAM Score Out Of 600. Apart from this, there are many such questions related to this which are often asked of us. Today we have covered all those questions in this article. Some of those questions we have given below.

Common Questions.

  • What are KEAM examinations and the purpose of conducting them?
  • How to calculate KEAM Score out of 600
  • What score is considered as good in KEAM?
  • KEAM Good Cutoff Score
  • How to calculate KEAM score?
  • How to check the KEAM merit list?
  • Grade 12 Accreditation Check
  • What is the information included in KEAM Result 2023?
  • What are the tiebreaking criteria, if two or more participants are tied?
  • A good score in KEAM in, B.Pharm
  • What are the eligibility criteria for appearing in KEAM?

What are KEAM examinations and the purpose of conducting them?

The KEAM is an entrance test at Kerela, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Dubai for engineering, architecture, and medicine. An offline entrance exam ensures that only students who have met the standards set by the Central and State Regulatory Bodies, Universities, and the Government of Kerala are admitted to engineering programmes.

If you pass KEAM, you must participate in CAP, a centralised admissions procedure managed by CEE. Courses in medicine, agriculture, forestry, veterinary medicine, fisheries, architecture, pharmacy, and architecture will all be open to CAP applicants. However, applicants for these programmes need only submit their NEET or NATA scores (depending on the course) instead of taking the KEAM exam. However, the KEAM application form needs to be completed before the deadline.

How to calculate KEAM Score out of 600

The CEE Kerala entrance exam is unique in that the overall number of points earned will be reduced to 300 (from 960), and the number of points earned in the required board subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) will also be reduced to 300. CEE Kerala uses 600 points (entrance exam score + board marks) to determine a student’s standing on the merit list.

Any student taking the KEAM exam would well familiarise themselves with the marking scheme for the KEAM exam.

  • You’ll get 4 points for every right answer you give.
  • Each incorrect response will result in a loss of one point.
  • If a candidate chooses not to answer a question, they will not be penalised in any way.
  • According to the KEAM negative marking scheme, a student will lose one mark if an OMR sheet has two answers circled.

What score is considered as good in KEAM?

Calculate KEAM Score Out Of 600
Calculate KEAM Score Out Of 600

Each year, numerous admission exams are held for various programmes. Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical (KEAM) is one such organisation. It is a statewide test given in Kerala and is managed by the CEE (Commissioner of Entrance Examination). Students can apply for undergraduate engineering and architecture programmes at various public and private universities through KEAM.

Candidates need to think critically about what makes a strong KEAM score. Students’ knowledge and exam preparation are the most important factors. The next step is how they do on the KEAM exam, which is required to enter engineering and architecture programmes. Those who do well on the test can enrol in B.Tech. or B.Pharm. programmes.

The KEAM structure consists of papers 1 and 2. Only Paper 1 needs to be taken into consideration for B.Pharm admission. However, those who wish to get a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree must take and pass Papers 1 and 2.

A KEAM score of 290 or higher is considered secure. An applicant can still gain admission to respectable KEAM institutions with a score of 400 or higher. Marks will total 960 out of a possible 1000. Here, we’ll look at your Class XII exam and KEAM scores, but only the higher of the two will count. This means that the KEAM B.Tech entrance exam will have 600 marks.

Students interested in pursuing a B.Pharm through KEAM should know that the test will be 480 marks and their class XII physics and chemistry grades will be considered. Therefore, when sitting for KEAM, students must show up for only paper I.

KEAM Good Cutoff Score

After each KEAM exam, the Kerala State Council of Higher Education (CEE) typically announces the passing score. The dividing line will be set otherwise, depending on the category. In most cases, the threshold of eligibility for the reserved group is 40%, whereas that for the general category is 50%. Factors such as the cutoff from previous years are used to determine the final tally.

  • The whole count of available seats.
  • The criteria for grading on the KEAM examination.
  • The number of students taking the KEAM this year.

How to calculate KEAM score?

The KEAM scoring formula is as follows.

  • You’ll need to understand the KEAM Answer Key to figure out how you did.
  • Determine how many people got the question right and how many people got it wrong.
  • To determine your score, use the formula: Total KEAM Score = (Accurate Answers x 4) – Incorrect Answers x 1.

The KEAM Rank Predictor is another option for estimating your performance.


How to check the KEAM merit list?

KEAM candidates should:

  • Visit, the official KEAM website;
  • Click on the ‘KEAM Candidate Login’;
  • The login box will ask for information such as your application number and password.
  • The rankings will be shown graphically.

Note: To compile the Engineering KEAM rank list, qualified applicants must upload their grades in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry/Computer Science/Biotechnology/Biology from their Plus Two or equivalent Qualifying Examination.

Grade 12 Accreditation Check

Those who have submitted their class 12 grades for inclusion in the KEAM rank list 2023 will have the option to verify their grades. Access to the building will be granted to examine mark records. If everything seems good, mark “No Change” next to each item and then “Verified and Found Correct.” If there are any errors, please make the necessary changes by selecting the “Change Required” checkboxes and then clicking the “Verified and Found Mismatch” button.

If a candidate’s provided grades need to be adjusted, they must submit relevant mark sheets as evidence.

What is the information included in KEAM Result 2023?

The KEAM 2023 result will reveal the following information to students. Candidates should verify their personal information in the KEAM 2023 results and report any discrepancies to the appropriate authorities.

  • Candidate’s full name.
  • Registration/Application Number; Roll No.
  • The candidate’s final grade.
  • The cutoff for KEAM 2023 qualification.

What are the tiebreaking criteria, if two or more participants are tied?

KEAM has a significantly bigger proportion of student opt-ins. In such a setting, many pupils will receive the same grade. The KEAM presiding authority has procedures in place for dealing with such situations.

  • Students’ highest mathematical scores will be considered for paper 1.
  • Students with superior Class XII mathematics grades will be granted the following consideration.
  • If this trend continues, physics grades will be evaluated alongside those in mathematics.
  • Finally, the older kids will be given priority.

A good score in KEAM in, B.Pharm

Candidates with a KEAM 2023 B Tech score of at least 550 and a B Pharm score of at least 450 are regarded to have achieved a very good rank.

What stands out most on the KEAM rankings, and why?

Grades and test results from high school exit exams will be used to compile the KEAM rankings. After the exam, the list will be made public on the official website. Here are a few of KEAM’s finest moments:

  • Unless they fall into a designated category, students whose final grades are below 10 will not be included in the rankings.
  • The ranking list will be based on 50% of your class XII GPA and 50% of your KEAM score.
  • With a few notable exceptions, such as pupils who did not take chemistry in high school, students’ computer science exam scores are considered.
  • If class XII does not provide computer science, biotechnology grades will be considered instead.
  • Additionally, biology is thought of if biotechnology was not an elective.

What are the eligibility criteria for appearing in KEAM?

eligibility criteria for appearing in KEAM
eligibility criteria for appearing in KEAM

Candidates for the KEAM tests should familiarise themselves with the entrance exam’s prerequisites and other requirements before applying. Eligibility for the KEAM programme is normally outlined in terms of minimum age, nationality, and level of education.

Age and Nationality

Anyone at least 17 years old can apply to take the test. There is no maximum age limit for taking the KEAM 2023 exam but no minimum age requirement relaxation.

All legally resident Indian nationals are welcome to apply for KEAM 2023. Other candidates for the exam and admission to the various institutions include Persons of Indian Origin (PIO)/Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) Card Holders. Candidates from these groups will not be given any special consideration.

Educational Qualification

The Higher Secondary Examination (HSE) of Kerala or an internationally recognised equivalent is required. The prerequisites for each subject are listed below for the convenience of prospective students:

  • Applicants need to have completed the Physics and Mathematics requirements of the Higher Secondary Examination (HSE) of Kerala or an equivalent exam, with Chemistry as an optional (it can be substituted by Computer Science, Biotechnology, or Biology, depending on the scenario and demand). Candidates must have a passing grade of 45% or above.
  • Applicants in the following groups will be given a 5% mark reduction: SC, ST, SEBC, or PWD.


Candidates are responsible for maintaining order in the testing room and for the smooth running of the exam itself. Candidates must check in at their designated testing locations 30 minutes before the start of the exam. Candidates must ensure that their question booklets are properly filled out and that their KEAM roll numbers and question booklet numbers conform to the odd-even criterion.

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