How to pass the MAKAUT exam with a good SGPA

How to pass the MAKAUT exam with a good SGPA

MAKAUT(  Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology University), established in 2001, formerly known by the name West Bengal University of Technology(WBUT). It is a public state university. MAKAUT university  is also approved by UGC and AICTE. This university offers many courses to students such as Post Graduation, Graduation, and Diploma under different categories and syllabi. Many people think that How to pass the MAKAUT exam with a good SGPA.

How to pass the MAKAUT exam with a good SGPA?

So in this article, we discuss that in detail. During the 2023 university ranking, this university was in the 201st position amongst other universities. You can also enroll for PG Diploma courses and various other certification courses including both short and long duration under the field of Science, Commerce, Digital Marketing, Engineering, Architecture, Designing, and many more.

We explained to you in the previous article of our blog Hindi Techniques that, How to Calculate KEAM Score Out Of 600, similarly in this article we will tell you how to pass the MAKAUT exam with a good SGPA, so let’s start friends. There are many other questions related to the MAKAUT exam whose answers you will find in this article. We have given some of those questions below.

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How to pass the MAKAUT exam with a good SGPA?

Getting a high SGPA on MAKAUT examinations is challenging but possible with hard work and determination. It takes a solid grasp of the material and strong analytical abilities to get a high SGPA on MAKAUT tests, which are intended to test your knowledge, understanding, and application of the subject matter.

Key Strategies for Achieving a High SGPA on MAKAUT Exams
1. Frequent Research
– Create a realistic study schedule and stick to it.
– Attend all classes and take comprehensive notes.
– Regularly review your notes to reinforce concepts.
2. Conceptual Completion
– Strive to fully understand the subject matter.
– Apply what you’ve learned to real-world scenarios.
– Engage in discussions with classmates and instructors.
3. Practice
– Use past-year exams, sample questions, and practice
tests for thorough preparation.
– Identify areas of improvement through practice.
4. Time Management
– Allocate time wisely during the exam.
– Answer each question methodically and confidently.
– Don’t dwell too long on one question; move forward.
5. Effective Presentation
– Use diagrams and visuals when relevant.
– Highlight key points in your answers.
– Ensure your answers are well-organized and clear.
6. Confidence and Composure
– Maintain confidence during the exam.
– Stay calm and composed, even if you face challenging
– Don’t rush; take your time to craft thoughtful
7. Prioritize Rest and Sleep
– Get a good night’s sleep before the exam.
– Adequate rest helps improve cognitive function and
focus during the test.

What are the passing marks of MAKAUT?

What are the passing marks of MAKAUT
What are the passing marks of MAKAUT

As of September 2023, to pass your exams at MAKAUT University, you have to score at least 40 marks in your examinations out of a total of 70 marks. If you score less than 40 marks then you will not be considered as qualified for the particular subject and you will get a backlog in that subject. So, if you really want to clear your exams in one shot without falling under the backlog category then you should goal for 40 or more marks.

Also, there are an additional 5 marks for students who maintain their attendance percentage. So if you regularly attend your classes then you can get an additional 5 marks. You can consider it as brownie points. Students should also take their internals seriously because it can also help them in achieving good marks in their examinations. Generally, professors give 10-12 marks in internals so try to score at least 30 to pass with flying colors.

The total marks per subject is 100 out of which 30 is for internals and 70 marks in written examinations in the case of theory paper and for practical paper, the internals comprises of 40 marks and written exams for 60 marks.

Is 7.5 SGPA considered as good in MAKAUT?

The semester grade point average (SGPA) measures academic success. A semester GPA (SGPA) is a student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for all courses taken within a given semester. Most universities now offer SGPA calculators or other tools to help students translate their point totals into percentages. The admissions offices at various schools will use this information to evaluate your application.

In MAKAUT, a decent grade point average is 7. For those taking MAKAUT, this is the equivalent of a passing mark of B+.

What are the different courses offered by MAKAUT?

Diploma degrees in Mechanical, Civil, and Computer Science, among others, are just a few options available to students at MAKAUT. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N. ), Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BHM), Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics), etc.

Master of Science in Forensic Science; Master of Technology in Data Science; Master of Science in Agriculture in Plant Breeding and Genetics; Master of Business Administration in International Fashion Business; Master of Pharmacy; etc. The Course page also summarises the numerous courses the institution provides and the areas of study they cater to.

What is the procedure for downloading the previous year’s question paper of MAKAUT?

Detailed instructions on how to access MAKAUT exam papers online:

  • Check out, the MAKAUT website.
  • The ‘Academics’ link can be found on the main menu.
  • The ‘Previous Questions’ link can be accessed via the drop-down menu.
  • A screen will load, asking for information like the name of the course, the stream it is in, the semester, and the year.
  • Pick every conceivable detail, and then hit the search button.
  • Both the question paper and a downloadable PDF version will be available on the screen.

How you can convert SGPA to a percentage?

  • The cumulative grade point average should be determined first.
  • You should add up your semester GPAs once you have them.
  • Subtract the total number of semesters from the SGPAs.
  • To get your percentage, multiply your SGPA by 10 and remove 7.5 from the result.

To get the percentage equivalent of an SGPA, multiply the SGPA by 10, then deduct the 7.5 from the resulting number. If your grade point average is 8.5, your percentage would be 8.5%. Take 7.5% off 8.5. That works out to 7.75. Add 7.75 to 10, and you get 10. As a result, your percentage is 77.5.

How to convert SGPA to marks?

  • Marks and grades should be recorded on paper.
  • Figure out the grade points based on the final scores.
  • Multiply the total number of credit points by the grade points earned in each subject.
  • The final grade is found by adding up all the values.
  • The SGPA is calculated by dividing the cumulative grade point average by the cumulative number of credit hours.
  • The percentage can be calculated using the formula (SGPA-0.75)*10.

How students of MAKAUT can check their results or Score?

How students of MAKAUT can check their results or Score
How students of MAKAUT can check their results or Score

In addition to its other name, the West Bengal University of Technology, MAKAUT, is the name of a public state university in the city of Kolkata in India. The University’s first Vice-Chancellor was appointed in January, and it was formally proclaimed MAKAUT by the West Bengal Government under the West Bengal Act in March.

If you took a semester exam at MAKAUT and you weren’t happy with your grade, you can ask to have it retaken. You will have one last chance to do well on the semester’s final test. The MAKAUT Result 2023 is now accessible for online viewing and downloading. Before the official results announcement date, this is your last chance to double-check your results and eligibility details. The download link is provided down below.

You will receive a PDF file detailing your performance and exam eligibility for the forthcoming Makaut exam. You should see it before it’s too late.

  • First, you should visit, the official website of MAKAUT.
  • Navigate to the page’s Exam answer key section.
  • A new page will load after you click on the tab.
  • Locate the desired result and select it.
  • You’ll be taken to a brand-new Result page.
  • Type in your Roll Number and click “Get Results” now.
  • The result will be shown on the screen after a few minutes.


Refrain from believing what your seniors tell you about how easy it is to obtain a decent grade in college; for example, if you only study for seven days straight, you’ll be guaranteed a good grade. Perhaps he will fail in this endeavor himself.

Exam papers for the Makaut are constantly evolving, so keeping up with the material is essential if you want to do well. No amount of cramming in the final week before the exam will guarantee you a passing grade.


The MAKAUT exam in 2024 will be conducted on various dates depending on the course and semester. The specific exam dates are between May 2024 to June 2024.

Students who are enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate courses at MAKAUT are eligible to appear for the exam. They must fulfill the necessary criteria set by the university for each course.

The duration of the MAKAUT exam varies depending on the course and the specific paper. It can range from a few hours to a few days, as per the examination schedule set by the university.

The MAKAUT exam results are calculated based on the student's performance in the exam, including their marks obtained in various papers, practicals, and viva voce, if applicable. The university follows a predetermined grading or marking system for evaluating the results.


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