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RTE admission 2024-25 Uttar Pradesh: Complete Guide

The Right to Education (RTE) Act plays a pivotal role in ensuring accessible and quality education for all. As the RTE admission process for the academic year 2024-25 unfolds, it is crucial to understand the intricacies involved. This comprehensive guide aims to provide a step-by-step walkthrough for admission 2024-25, outlining eligibility criteria, age limits, application procedures, and details about each admission round.

RTE admission 2024-25.

Last year we uploaded many articles on RTE Admission 2023 24. In which we answered all types of questions related to RTE Admission. Many people had also got their children admitted and took advantage of it. Today, that is why we have brought this article for you as soon as the admissions for RTE Admission 2024 25 start.

To fill out the form for RTE Admission 2024 25, read this article below because in it we have explained in detail the age limit of children and the entire process of admission. And many other questions related to RTE Admission 2024 25 have been answered.

Some of which we wrote below.

Common Questions.

  • RTE admission start date 2024-25
  • RTE admission last date 2024-25
  • RTE admission age limit for nursery
  • RTE admission age limit for 2024-25
  • How to apply for RTE admission 2024-25
  • RTE admission 2024-25 eligibility
  • RTE lottery result date 2024-25
  • RTE Seat Allotment Process.
  • RTE admission 2024-25 documents.
  • RTE admission school list Aligarh

RTE Admission Start Date 2024-25:

The initiation of RTE admissions for the academic session 2024-25 began with the first round on January 20, 2024. Prospective candidates can anticipate subsequent rounds, with the second round slated to commence on March 1, 2024, and the third round starting on April 15, 2024.

RTE Admission Last Date 2024-25:

Applicants must adhere to specific deadlines for each round. The closing date for the first round of RTE admission 2024-25 is February 18, 2024. The second round concludes on March 30, 2024, and the final deadline for the third round is May 8, 2024.

RTE Admission Age Limit for Nursery:

For admission to the nursery class under RTE, children must fall within the age bracket of 3 to 6 years. It’s crucial to note that admission to the nursery class is only granted if the child is below the age of 6.

RTE Admission Age Limit for 2024-25:

The general age limit for RTE admission 2024-25 spans from 3 to 7 years. Children aged 3 to 6 years are eligible for admission to classes below primary, while those aged 6 to 7 years are eligible for admission to the first class.

How to Apply for RTE Admission 2024-25:

To initiate the RTE admission application process for 2024-25, prospective candidates need to follow the given steps one by one.

Step 1: Visit the Official RTE¬†Website: Navigate to the official RTE¬†website by typing rte25.upstc.gov.in in your web browser’s address bar.

Step 2: Registration: On the homepage of RTE , locate the registration section. Click on the registration link to create a new account if you are a first-time user. If you already have an account, log in using your credentials.

Step 3: Complete the Application Form: Once registered or logged in, access the application form. Provide accurate and detailed information about the candidate, including personal details and family background. Ensure that all fields are filled correctly.

Step 4: School Selection: Within the application form, there will be an option to select your preferred school. Carefully choose the school where you wish to apply for admission.

Step 5: Document Upload: Prepare the necessary documents, including photographs, birth certificates, income certificates, and any other required paperwork. Upload these documents as per the specifications provided on the portal.

Step 6: Review and Edit: Before final submission, review the entire application form. Check for any errors or missing information. If needed, make corrections or additions to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Step 7: Submission: Once satisfied with the information provided, proceed to submit the application form. There may be a final confirmation step to confirm your submission.

Step 8: Acknowledgment: After successful submission, you should receive an acknowledgment or confirmation message. This may include a reference number or confirmation email. Ensure you keep this for future reference.

RTE admission 2024-25
RTE admission 2024-25

RTE Admission 2024-25 Eligibility:

The eligibility criteria for RTE admission in the academic year 2024-25 are outlined as follows:

  • Annual Income Threshold:
  • Ration Card:
  • Parent/Guardian Employment:
Eligibility Criteria for RTE Admission 2024-25
Parameter Details
Annual Income Threshold Less than ‚āĻ1 lakh
Ration Card Status Possession of a BPL (Below Poverty Line) Ration Card
Parent/Guardian Employment Should not be government employees

These eligibility criteria are designed to prioritize children from economically weaker sections, aiming to make quality education accessible to those who need it the most. Families meeting these criteria can proceed with the RTE  application process for the academic year 2024-25.

RTE Lottery Result Date 2024-25:

The lottery results for RTE admission 2024-25 have already been announced. The first-round lottery results were disclosed around February 26, 2024. The second-round results are anticipated on April 8, 2024, while the third-round lottery results are scheduled for May 16, 2024.

RTE Seat Allotment Process:

The seat allotment process for RTE is characterized by transparency and simplicity. Utilizing a lottery system, eligible candidates are randomly selected, and the allotment is finalized. This ensures a fair and unbiased distribution of available seats.

Documents Required for RTE Admission 2024-25.

Document Type Details
Child’s Photograph A recent passport-sized photograph of the child
Child’s Birth Certificate Copy of the child’s birth certificate
Proof of Family Income Relevant documents indicating annual income
Residential Proof Document verifying the family’s residential address
BPL Ration Card Copy of the Below Poverty Line (BPL) Ration Card
Parent/Guardian Aadhaar Card Aadhaar card of the parent or guardian


For admission process for the academic year 2024-25, the following documents are essential for a successful application:

RTE Admission School List Aligarh:

For details regarding the list of schools participating in RTE in Aligarh, candidates are advised to consult the official RTE website or approach the local education department. The list will comprehensively outline the schools involved in the RTE process within the Aligarh region.

RTE admission school list Aligarh.

rte admission school list Aligarh


In conclusion, this article has delved into the various facets of RTE for the academic year 2024-25. Covering critical aspects such as eligibility criteria, age limits, application procedures, lottery results, and the seat allotment process, it underscores the significance of the government’s initiative in promoting inclusive and accessible education for all eligible candidates.

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